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Membertou is one of five Mi’kmaw communities in Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island), and one of thirteen in Nova Scotia.

Mi’kmaw culture dates back thousands of years and through those years, many traditions talents and stories have been carried on through the tight knit generations. We invite you to experience our culture first-hand.

Membertou was not always situated at its present location. One hundred years ago, Membertou (formally known as the Kings Road Reserve) was located along the Sydney Harbour. In 1916, our people were the first Indigenous peoples forcefully relocated in Canada’s History. In 1926, The Membertou Community was officially moved to its present day location. Today, we embrace our progress and welcome the world to experience our rich and historical Mi’kmaw culture.

Cultural Workshops

Please note that advanced booking is required for all activities

Beading Workshop

Bead your own traditional Mi’kmaw earrings with the gentle guidance of your teacher. Feel a sense of community in our relaxed, yet structured environment. Take pride in your work, knowing that no two pairs of earring are identical.

Cost: $30
Time required: 2.5 hours
Age: 12+

Dreamcatcher Workshop

Legends state that dreamcatchers can protect you from bad dreams. Simply place the dreamcatcher over your bed, and good dreams will pass down through the feathers. Bad dreams, on the other hand, are caught within the web and then destroyed by sunlight in the morning. Create your own personalized dream catcher at the Membertou Heritage Park.

Cost: $25
Time required: 2 hours

Mi’kmaq Medicine Walk

Immerse yourself in the nature trails of Unama’ki in our Mi’kmaw community of Membertou. On your guided tour, learn the traditional practices and medicines used by our ancient ancestors. A community leader will lead you through a beautifully wooded trail in Membertou, sharing stories, legends, and the traditional medicines and plants which the Mi’kmaw people lived off of for thousands of years, and some still today.

Cost: $35
Time: 3 hours
Everyone is welcome

Explore More Workshops

Contact Destination Membertou for Seasonal Availability.

Talking Stick Workshop


The Talking Stick is a powerful tool and symbol used for problem-solving while letting people express themselves freely.  He or she that holds a Talking Stick within their hands has the power of words.  The Talking Stick also helps the holder to find the courage to speak truthfully and wisely.  Create your own unique talking stick to take home with you

Drum Making Workshop


Connect yourself to the heartbeat of mother earth and take a piece of Mi’kmaw culture home with you. Assemble your hand drum and while weaving your own unique design. Instructor, Jeff Ward, will also gift you with the teachings behind Indigenous drum making and singing. Sip tea or coffee in the comfortable atmosphere of the Membertou Heritage Park.

Language Workshop


Drop in for one of our bi-weekly Mi’kmaq language classes. Instructor, Alwyn Jeddore, teaches entry-level conversational Mi’kmaq.

Basket Weaving Workshop


Weave a traditional Mi’kmaw basket. Using black ash and sweet grass, your basket will be a keepsake that you can pass down for generations. Try our beaded earring workshop too-they’ll fit nicely inside your new basket!

Contact Information

Membertou, Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Island
Toll free: 1-844-323-7255
General Info: 902-563-4534
Cultural Offerings: 902-567-5333

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