Weird but True Bowling Facts

Weird but True Bowling Facts

Love to bowl? You will be happy to know that Membertou will be home to a brand-new bowling alley before you know it. We are SO excited about the opening of the new facility that we decided to do some digging on the sport itself. We came across some cool findings and decided to share them with YOU. All of you bowling fans must be excited to lace up your bowling shoes, but while we here at Membertou work hard to perfect the bowling alley, you can check out this list of WEIRD but TRUE bowling facts:


 1. The first bowling balls were rounded stones with holes for your fingers (picture Fred Flinstone). Next there was a shift to wood, and then later to a heavy rubber. In the 1960s, the bowling balls started to become made of a polyester resin, which paved the way for the colourful plastic balls of today! 


2. Women were not allowed to bowl until 1917. Stories are told about women being sectioned off from view behind drapery while bowlng. Often times they were only allowed to bowl when men were not using the alleys. 


3. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Japan has the largest bowling alley in the world with 116 lanes.


4. A “turkey” refers to three strikes in a row. Yum..turkey..


5. In 1511, King Henry VIII banned the sport of bowling for lower class citizens. He created strict fines in hopes of having it remain the pastime of the elite. King Henry reasoned that the lower classes should focus on archery instead.


We hope you've enjoyed some of our findings. We've kept it short and sweet because we know that bowlers do not have time to spare. So get your bowling shoes shined up and get ready to score yourself some "turkeys"! 

 See you in the lanes!


Do you have any weird or interesting bowling facts to share with us? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 


Don't forget to keep an eye out for updates regarding Membertou's bowling alley by following our Facebook page!





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