Staying Cool This Summer: Why Swim When You Can Skate?

Staying Cool This Summer: Why Swim When You Can Skate?

We all enjoy a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach to cool off in the summer, but have you ever thought of skating? Regardless of the season, ice skating can be a great year-round activity to keep you active. Thanks to the two new ice surfaces within the new Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre that are open year-round, you can now beat the summer heat and enjoy a comfortable skate! 


So how does the ice stay frozen in the summer months, you might ask? 

When we typically think of ice, we picture it melting in warm temperatures; just like the classic popsicle stained shirts and sticky face you used to get as a chld in the summer time. 

If we know that ice MELTS, how would the ice in the rink STAY FROZEN while it's SO HOT outside?

To answer this question, we will first explain that as a community, Membertou is always thinking about the environment when making decisions that will affect future generations. When designing the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre, it was decided that the ice making system needed to be energy efficient if we were going to offer year-round rentals. As a result, an energy saving geothermal ice-making system was built to service both ice surfaces within the centre, keeping the ice frozen all year round.



Stay cool

Give your AC unit a break! What better way to cool off from a scorching hot summer day then to take a crisp skate on one of the Centre's two ice surfaces?


Stay healthy and fit 

There are other reasons to skate this summer aside from keeping yourself cool. You will also reap the health benefits. For those of you who are not fond of the treadmill, consider implementing skating into your regular excercise routine. The AWESOME thing about skating is that you will have fun while maybe even FORGETTING that you are excercising!

What health benefits?

1. Increase cardio endurance and weight loss.
2. Improve joint flexibility. Skating requires quick foot movements and your leg joints receive a great workout.
3. Relieve stress.


Fun for all ages: skating can be physically demanding, but only if you want it to be!

Ice skating is easy on the joints, low impact (as long as you don't fall down), and it improves your balance and coordination. 



Instead of sitting in front of the fan to avoid the heat this summer, grab some friends, a pair of skates, and come to the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre. Public skating sessions are only $2.00. You will feel the sweet, cool relief while reaping the health benefits. Who needs to swim this summer when you can skate? Don't forget your helmets!

To view the skating schedule visit and check out our event calendar.





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