Celebrating Women in Our Community | Gail Christmas

Celebrating Women in Our Community | Gail Christmas


As a young and vibrant member of the Membertou Council, Gail Christmas says that she is a product of the strong women that raised her.


“Having powerful women in my life has shaped me into the person I am today,” Gail admits, “We learn from one another, we help each other, and we build each other up.”

 As her first order of duty as a Membertou Councilor, Gail says that she and other members toured the new Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre in June of 2016. The facility not even completed at the time, Gail realized that having a voice on council was going to be very important for women in the community and for future generations of people who were going to use this new centre.

 “Every time I step foot in the facility, I have a great sense of pride because I know it is building healthy, strong people and a healthy, strong community,” Gail remarks.

 Gail tries to take advantage of new opportunities whenever she can to ensure growth and to meet new people, pointing out that you can never have too many young people involved in decision-making processes.

 Knowing that women are strong leaders, Gail is proud to represent not only women in Membertou, but the community as a whole.

 Gail says that good things are happening in Membertou and she is glad to be part of the movement. As a young woman, she understands that there are challenges moving forward but not being afraid to use her voice and share new, fresh ideas is a way to ensure success for future generations in the community.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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