Celebrating Women in Our Community | Eileen Paul

Celebrating Women in Our Community | Eileen Paul

As the Manager of Membertou’s Entrepreneur Centre, Eileen Paul is a bright light for the community of Membertou. She is a mother of three, a full-time professional, and in her leisure time, she supports other women through the Native Women Association of Canada.


Eileen is the welcoming face and driving force behind entrepreneurship within Membertou. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit Membertou recently, you know how important growing business is to the community.


Eileen says that she loves working in her home community where she was born and raised her family. Eileen says she especially enjoys being able to support any community member that is interested in starting a business or new venture. In her role, she is able to bring entrepreneurship awareness to the community and offer a support system to individuals that wasn't there prior. 


Eileen admits that being a woman in business is not always easy – in the past she has faced professional challenges in trying to prove the value of investing in women’s development. Also, as a single mother she says she has faced personal challenges, but it has only encouraged her to work harder and provide support for other women working to achieve their dreams.


The more Eileen has been involved in entrepreneurship, the more it has opened her eyes to the fact that Mi’kmaq women need support to begin to close the gap among male counterparts.


Eileen Paul is a role model for women in our community, her eagerness to help others and her involvement in making a brighter path for entrepreneurs makes her a shining example of what it means to community leader.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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