Aboriginal Destinations in the Maritimes

Aboriginal Destinations in the Maritimes


You don’t want to overlook the ultra-rare chance to experience authentic Mi’kmaq culture first hand. Located along the Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton, Eskasoni Cultural Journeys offers visitors special guided tours where you'll experience Mi’kmaq heritage. Listen to captivating storytelling, learn to dance, and enjoy a delicious traditional feast. The best part of Eskasoni tours is the custom workshops where you can learn to make a basket, cook, drum and dance, as well as take a Mi’kmaq language class for beginners. There’s a ton to do before you hop back on the road!


The Cabot trail is a must-see experience on road trips, but if you’re feeling REALLY wild then you can’t miss Waycobah’s adventures in early 1900’s Mi’kmaq living. They offer real camping, canoeing, and best of all storytelling by Mi’kmaq guides while traditional foods are cooked over an open fire. Join them for an overnight experience and dance to their drum. Waycobah is located on Trans Canada Highway 105 between the Canso Causeway and the entrance to the Cabot Trail.



Whether you want to see live music, experience culture, or relax – Membertou’s Trade and Convention Centre has something for everyone. The centre’s 10,000 square foot theatre regularly hosts live music, and is also seconds from Membertou Heritage Park. With a five-acre natural park and guest center complete with a large indoor exhibit and interactive area, Heritage Park takes you beyond just reading about Aboriginal history and instead lets you experience the living history of Membertou’s people and culture. Before you leave Membertou and set out for your next destination, nurture your inner artist with a visit to the nearby Petroglyphs gift shop where you can browse art and craft from across Canada. Let the spirit of Atlantic Canada’s authentic Mi’kmaq art speak to you, and take a memento with you on your journey. When you’re on that journey, your car isn’t the most comfy place to sleep so remember that the incorporated pedway makes catching some Z’s at the Hampton Inn hotel easy. ZZZzzzzzz…. www.membertoutcc.com



If you passed Eskasoni at the start of your road trip then make sure you stop at the Clean Wave Restaurant in nearby Wagmtacook on your way back. Clean Wave serves a wide variety of hearty Cape Breton dishes and features a view that overlooks the scenic waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes. After your meal, explore the Wagmatacook Cultural Center where Mi’kmaq guides give you a first-hand glimpse into how their people lived throughout history, then stop in at their gift shop for a fine selection of authentic Mi’kmaq arts and crafts.



I guarantee the impossible-to-miss 40-foot statue of Glooscap has caught your eye if you’ve ever driven along highway 102. Glooscap (also spelled Gluskabe, Glooskap, Gluskabi, Kluscap, Kloskomba, or Gluskab) is known to be a legendary figure to the Wabanaki tribes who are native to both Maine and Atlantic Canada. To learn about Glooscap and the Wabanaki tribes, visit the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre just outside of Truro Nova Scotia. Before you leave, take a memento of their history with you at the Gift Shop! http://www.glooscapheritagecentre.com/


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You don’t want to overlook the ultra-rare chance to experience authentic Mi’kmaq culture first hand....