5 places you won’t believe the Stanley Cup has been

5 places you won’t believe the Stanley Cup has been

Each team that wins the Stanley Cup gets 100 days to do with it what they wish. As you can imagine, it’s been all around the world and inserted into some very interesting situations. In celebration of the Stanley Cup visiting Membertou for the Grand Opening of the Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre this Sunday November 6, we’re counting down 5 of the most interesting places the Stanley Cup has been. 

  1. Kandahar, Afghanistan – In 2007 the Stanley Cup was taken into an active war zone by official cup keeper Mike Bolt. It survived a missile attack on the first night and all subsequent attacks since. The cup brings so much cheer and reminders of home to troops that it now makes the trip to active war zones on a yearly basis. 

  2. On a Sea-Doo with Sidney Crosby somewhere in Nova Scotia - When Sid the Kid won his first Cup in 2009 he took it home to Nova Scotia. The Cup has been on many different vehicles but Sid took it for its first ever ride on Sea-Doo. Safety was the first priority; the cup was strapped up in a lifejacket!

  3. Bled Castle in Slovenia- There is only 1 player from Slovenia to win a Stanley Cup – Anze Kopita. So it was only natural when he got his time with the Cup he would bring it home. The cup had an epic day traveling along Lake Bled on a wooden Gondola. Good thing Kopitar is sure-handed.

  4. Red Square and Lenin’s tomb, Russia – Hockey is Canada’s game. It’s undeniable. But the Russians are a pretty close second for their love of hockey. There has been no shortage of Russians to win the cup. In 1997 when the Red Wings won the Cup, Igor Larionov, Slava Kozlov and Slava Fetisov tried bringing it into Lenin’s tomb. They were denied access so they had to settle for Red Square.

  5. Niagara Falls, the 8th wonder of the world- Buffalo is a quick 30-minute drive to Niagara Falls, so in 2010 when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, Buffalo’s finest Patrick Kane took the Cup to visit the 8th wonder of the world. As you can imagine it got pretty wet but wasn’t any worse for wear.

Although the plans for the Cup in Membertou do not include boating or waterfalls, we are happy to be joining the list of places it’s visited!

Accompanying the Cup at the Grand Opening are former NHLers Bryan Trottier, Ted Nolan and Reggie Leach.  The Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre is offering a full day of programming for the whole family including a free public skate.  Finally, you can also test your accuracy in our shoot-to-win challenge. Winner gets a free hour of ice time.

The Grand Opening of the Membertou Sport & Wellness Center is sure to excite and entertain. And as always, we welcome the World. We look forward to seeing your on Sunday!  

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