12 Times Membertou Accomplished Greatness

12 Times Membertou Accomplished Greatness

Membertou has made a lot of big (and small!) leaps in the last 20 years, both economically and culturally. Those leaps created an amazing, successful community worth celebrating. That’s why we put together this list of 12 moments in Membertou’s journey that regardless of size, deserve to be celebrated. 

1. In 1997, we were one of nine Nova Scotia Aboriginal communities that signed an education agreement with the Federal Government. This gave us the ability to establish an education curriculum based on the needs of our culture and community. Ultimately, it allows us to better serve students in Membertou, and that’s a big win. 


2. In 2000, our Chief and Council established the Membertou Corporate Division. This specialized division was created to position us in a more involved role in the business world. Doing this would result in generating revenue for our community.


3. In Dec 2001, we became the very first Aboriginal government in both Canada, and the world, to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Certification means we’ve met rigorous statutory and regulatory requirements, and is a testament to how much we care about meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders. 


4. In 2002, we opened the first hybrid gas station and mini market in Nova Scotia called the ‘Membertou Market’. While combining these two business-types may seem obvious now, this idea represented our commitment to being even more innovative in the new millennium.


5. As a result of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Marshall Decision, in 2002, we signed the Interim Fisheries Agreement with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. This gave us much greater control over our community’s fishery enterprises and revenue, and made us more independent and self-sustainable.


6. In 2004, we opened the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre; A state of the art 20,000 square foot facility. As the first of its kind in Cape Breton, the MTCC provides people with a place to see live acts, host weddings, and much, much more. See what’s happening at the convention center by clicking here.


7. In 2006 the Membertou Entertainment Center opened, bringing top-tier gaming and entertainment to the community. While fun, the Entertainment Center also provides serious economic benefits to local charities, making our community stronger through compassion.



8. In 2012 we were awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit award along with Bridgetown and Paradise in Annapolis County, as well as Lismore in Pictou County. This award is given to communities that demonstrate outstanding examples of the culture, heritage, and unique fabric that make Nova Scotia a wonderful place to live. At the time of the awards’ announcement, His Honour Brigadier-General J.J. Grant said “The collaboration and strength of these four communities is inspiring (…) I am looking forward to visiting each community this summer.” As one of the recipients of this award, we’re proud to be part of a tradition that celebrates power, strength and diversity across Nova Scotia.


9. A successful community can’t rely on business facilities alone. That’s why in 2012 we also opened the Membertou Heritage Park, The Membertou Professional Centre, and the Membertou Hampton Inn & Suites, which is connected to our Trade and Convention Center by pedway.


10. In 2014, after the success of our community’s business center, we opened our professional center. The center provides office space geared towards people working in non-commercial industries. Demand for a space like this was high, and within a few months space in the center was sold out, making it a huge success.


11. In August 2014, we were honored to receive the Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation Award. This award is meant to show the important role Aboriginal corporations play in boardrooms and communities across Canada. The Canadian Council made us the inaugural winner of this award because of our responsible planning and management of economic resources for the past 20+ years. 


12. In September 2014, we opened Maupeltueway Kina’matno’kuom, a school that’s been recognized as the most energy efficient in Nova Scotia. This elementary school has reduced its energy costs by 61% using geothermal power, solar panels, low-flow water faucets, automatic light sensors, and energy efficient insulation. The school’s ultra-innovative and green nature also allows it to obtain an annual energy rebate, making it good for the environment, the community, and the economy!


Now that you’ve celebrated some of the accomplishments of our past, come visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to see where our future’s headed, and be sure to keep an eye out for our annual Quick Facts posts that shed light on achievements like the ones in this article.

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