Representing Membertou in Style

Representing Membertou in Style

We have been having an action packed summer so far here in Membertou. Our team has been hosting special events and workshops, our new Welcome Centre had it's Grand Opening and the Summer Passport Program has really taken off! Despite all of the hustle and bustle of our awesome summer activities, we could NOT WAIT to take part in two of the summer's exicting parades! 

To kick off the 2017 Sydney Waterfront Festival, the Night Light Parade took place on Thursday, August 3rd in the Sydney Waterfront District. The theme for the parade was "Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday."

Indigenous people across Canada have expressed mixed feelings about celebrating Canada 150, so Membertou decided to celebrate in our own way. We focused on celebrating the Mi'kmaw culture and what the next 150 years can mean for future generations. 

Many of our community members that participated in the parade wore their regalias to honour their heritage. For those of you that are wondering what a "regalia" means, let us explain! It is a special piece of Indigenous clothing that is often personalized for the person wearing it. It can tell a story and represent the identity of the owner. We wear our regalias with a sense of pride and honour. 

Destination Membertou walked away from the Night Light Parade with the title of, "Best Commercialized Float of 2017." Our award is now proudly hanging in the Destination Membertou office! 

Two days after the Night Light Parade, on Saturday August 5th, our team was back at it again in another parade. We proudly represented Membertou in the 16th Annual Sydney Pride Parade. This was the first time Membertou had enterered the Pride Parade and we proudly showed our support for the LGBTQ community by sponsoring Sydney Pride Week. 


As we reflect on the parades we can't help but get excited for next year!


Remember to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what is happening with our Destination Membertou team. 


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