Remembrance Day in Membertou

Remembrance Day in Membertou

Forever Our Hereos 

As we stowaway our Halloween decorations for another year, we begin to focus on honouring those who fought in the war for our country and our freedom -- our veterans. November 11th marks Remembrance Day in our calendar. It is a day to honour our loved ones - the ones who we had lost and those who are still with us today, for the sacrifices they made and their bravery.

The Significance of the Poppy 

Poppies are given out to everyone to wear in honour of our hereos. The significance of the poppy was inspired by the World War I poem, "In Flanders Fields", as they were the first flowers to grow upon a soldier's grave in Flanders, Belguim which is located in the heart of Europe. 

Remembrance Day Services in Membertou 

Every year, Membertou hosts a Remembrance Day service to honour those who had fought for our nation. Throughout mass, O' Great Spirit and O' Canada are recited in Mi'kmaq, the poem "In Flanders Fields" is read and The Last Post is performed by the Air Cadet League, following a moment of silence as everyone bows their heads. 

The Air Cadet League of Canada escorts family members and veterans to lay a wreath in memory of their loved ones at the monument located at the front of St. Anne's Church. The monument includes a list of names of those within the community who fought in the wars. 

After mass, a reception is held at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre for the community. A slideshow is played with pictures of community members who fought in the war with a brief description based upon their lives. 

Lest We Forget

We must remind ourselves every single day that we are blessed to have such brave people in our lives -- to  make it a better place for all. Throughout all of the hatred and ignorance that goes on, we are certain of one thing: love conquers all.

In honour of our Membertou Mi'kmaq Veterans:

World War I

William Herney (also WWII)
Frank Herney
Christopher Morris
Peter Googoo
Noel N. Paul
William Bernard 

World War II
Charles Doucette (murdered)
Louis Brooks
William Bernard
Augustus Christmas
Joseph W. Francis
Charles S. Gould
John Joe
Leo Joe
Richard Matthews
Veronica (Matthews) Brassard
Edward Paul
Frank Wightly
Lawrence Paul Sr. (also Korean)
Andrew Stevens
Roddie Stevens
Benedict Stevens

Membertou Veterans of the Korean Conflict & Vietnam:

George LaPorte
Ralph Moore
Ronald Paul
Daniel Stevens 
Joseph MacDonald Sr. 
Joseph "Joe" Francis

Other Mi'kmaq & Malice Veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War:

Moses, Lawrence. Water, Joseph Leo & Raymond Francis
Max Basque (Indian Brook)
John Hobbs (Membertou)
Fred Martin (Millbrook)
John Francis (Liverpool)
Joseph S. Francis (Liverpool)
Pius S. Francis (Eskasoni) 
Joseph, Gordan & Ruebec Tuplin (PEI)
John Sonier (Malden, Mass)
Will Basque (Eskasoni) Vietnam
Peter Nicholas (Tobique)
Paul Nicholas (Tobique)
Jackie "Boy" Stevens
Sandy Julian (Millbrook)
Frank Doyle
Thomas Batiste
Tom Stevens (Waycobah)
Andrew Johnson (Millbrook)
Louie Joe (Eskasoni)
Gabriel Joe (Eskasoni)
Levi Cabot (Eskasoni)
William Googoo (Eskasoni)
Frank Dennis (Eskasoni)
James Marshall (Paq'nkek)
John Leonard Toney (Eskasoni)
James Marshall (Potlotek)
William (Checker) Bernard (Eskasoni)
John Basque (Potlotek)
Louis Brooks (Millbrook)
Wilfred Michael (Waycobah)
Raymond Brooks (Millbrook) 
Ralph Knockwood (Springhill) 
Ivan Phillips (Cole Harbour)
Russell Brooks (Indian Brook)
William P. Marshall (Eskasoni)
Fred Young (Eskasoni)
Michael Seely
Gregory Paul (also WWII) - Red Bank
John Paul (WWII)
Jackie Paul (WWII)
Gordon Paul (WWII)
Lawrence Cloud (WWII)
Raymond Young (WWII)
Lemey Paul (WWII)
George Ward (Vietnam)
Frank Swell (Vietnam)
John Levi Sylliboy (WWII)
Leonard John (WWII)
Vincent Bernard 

Mi'kmaq Servicemen & Women:

Greg Francis (Membertou)
Edward Kabatay (Membertou)
Noel Doucette (Potlotek)
Percy Paul (Membertou
Joseph Doucette (Membertou)
Donald Wells (Membertou)
John Marshall (Potlotek) 
Douglas MacDonald (Membertou)
Charles T. Gould
John A. Paul (New Brunswick)
Edward Johnson (Potlotek)
Virginia Johnson Simm (Potlotek) 

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