New Year - New You in Membertou

New Year - New You in Membertou

Self improvement is a common theme among New Year's resolutions. People want to better themselves physically, spiritually, and/ or emotionally. If you, too, are striving to feel better in your day to day life, consider coming to Membertou to help yourself achieve your goals.



One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to get in shape. We think you look PERFECT the way you are, but it is always nice to gain some extra energy and pep in your step. If starting a new fitness routine and getting active is your resolution- we can help.

With two NHL regulation sized ice surfaces operating year-round, an indoor walking track and YMCA, the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre (MSWC) is always promoting active and healthy lifestyles. Excercise is key (combined with a proper diet) to burning calories but many find it to be BORING. The important thing is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. The YMCA is home to cardio equipment, a fitness studio, resistance equiptment, free weights and functional training options. We personally like to feel the burn at fitness classes such as Group Power and Fire Up. To wind down, stretch, and relax, the Gentle Yin Yoga is always a delightful choice. Excercise does NOT have to be BORING! 

The walking track at the MSWC is also a great way to escape the cold and get your laps in. It has turned into a social event for many. Did we mention that it is free to use?

To book a fitness class: Call (902) 270-9622
To book an ice rental: Call (902) 563-4164

 Healthy Bites 

Kiju's Restaurant, located within the Membertou Trade and Convention centre, has recently launched it's new winter menu. Within this new menu, you will find healthy options such as beautiful salads, warm entrees and tasty sandwiches. We are seriously loving the new Spinach Salad with mandarin oranges, grape tomatoes, candied almonds, and shaved pear, finished with a strawberry maple balsamic dressing. As your mother might say, it is chock-full of vitamins! 


Awesome New Year's resolutions go beyond a new diet and gym routine. Considering cleansing your mind, body and soul at a Sweat Lodge Ceremony at the Membertou Heritage Park

What is a Sweat Lodge Ceremony? 
The sweat lodge itself is the physical structure that is built with great care, knowledge and respect for the environment. It is designed to provide a safe and sacred place where people can concentrate on the spirits that are invited to the ceremony. 

The ceremony that takes place within the structure is called a purification ceremony, or simply, a sweat. The sweat lodge is a place of spiritual refuge, cleansing, guidance and mental/physical healing. The ceremony cleanses your spirit with the sacred fire. 

To learn more information about the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, contact Jeff Ward at (902) 567-5333


The Membertou Heritage Park offers Mi'kmaq language lessons for $5.00 (Membertou community members and employees are free). The classes are designed for all levels and the instructor breaks down the lessons for everyone to understand. It is a fun and relaxed environment to learn conversational Mi'kmaw. The classes are offered every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00-8:30pm at the Membertou Heritage Park.

To learn more about the Mi'kmaw Language Class: Call Destination Membertou at (902) 564 6466 extension 5022.


Take part in a beading, dream catcher, or drum making workshop. All of your materials will be provided. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for details! 


Self-improvement is a process. Be specific, realistic, and have a system. The goal itself is not enough, you need to create a plan to make it happen. Make Membertou part of your plan! Our community is dedicated to supporting healthy and active lifestyles. We take pride in "welcoming the world" to come and experience what we have to offer. 

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