The Language of Mi'kmaki

The Language of Mi'kmaki

Welcome to Membertou! Our Mi'kmaw community has a rich history of culture and language. 

Many consider the Mi'kmaq language to be at the heart of the Mi'kmaw culture. Our ancient language is rich with unique teachings, humour and world views. When you come to our community of Membertou here in Unama'ki (Cape Breton) you will hear some of our community members speaking Mi'kmaq, such as Elder Pauline Bernard (pictured below). 

Our sacred language has endured severe hardships in the past, but Membertou's community members have been working hard to revive the once vibrant language. Mi'kmaw children are learning to speak and write in Mi'kmaw immersion programs, Elders are reclaiming their mother tongue, and youth are embracing the teachings of Mi'kmaw speakers.

Learn the Mi'kmaw language through the L'nui'suit Language App 

A Mi'kmaq language app was recently developed for Apple devices to further revitalize the language. Check out the L'nui'suit App for yourself! 


Mi'kmaw language classes:

Interested in learning some of the Mi'kmaq language? Join us for a free class at the Membertou Heritage Park! The classes are designed for all levels and the instructor breaks down the lessons for EVERYONE to understand. It is a fun and relaxed environment. The classes are offered every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00-4:30pm and 6:00-8:30pm. See you there!


Learning a new language is good for you 

Did you know that learning another language boosts brain power? It puts your brain to work by recognizing a new language structure. Picture your brain like a sponge looking to soak up the new language. Learning a new language also helps to preserve and pass on culture.

Make new pals 

If you are learning in a group, you have a great chance to make new friends. Going to class is considered a social event to many. You can relax, drink tea, and even bring some snacks (as long as you are willing to share!) The class is an easy-going environment where people are encouraged to learn. 

Lets face it, learning a new language takes patience and repetition. You may be relieved to know that after learning one, it is much easier to learn more languages.

You might be asking yourself, "how do I get started?" 

Call (902) 564 6466 ext 5022 if you would like to join us for a free language class or learn more about what is offered at the Membertou Heritage Park.

We hope you feel inspired to expand your vocabulary and learn a new language. The most important thing to keep in mind while learning is to have FUN! 


To learn more about the Mi'kmaw language, check out the books titled: The Language of This Land and Mi'kma'ki, Teaching About the Mi'kmaq. 

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