It's T-shirt Time!

It's T-shirt Time!

The Destination Membertou (DM) summer team first introduced the signature blue t-shirts with their branded logo in 2014. You or someone you know have definitely seen the summer cruiser team wearing them during events around Cape Breton Island.

Have you wondered where you could get one of your own?

Well, we have good news for you! The Membertou Welcome Centre is now selling the blue signature DM shirts for $15. Now everyone can represent Membertou in style this summer.

Did we mention there are other shirts and styles too?

We have two new styles to add to the DM collection; a black t-shirt with "Membertou" printed in white, and a green shirt that features four different languages; English, Mi'kmaw, French and Gaelic, which represent Cape Breton as a whole.




To finish off your look, we also sell hats for $13! They're blue and white and include the Destination Membertou logo. 

Finally, is your cellphone dying from taking selfies in your new apparel? We can help you fix that problem, because we also sell cellphone charger ports!

We've got everything you need to represent Membertou to the fullest. Visit the Membertou Welcome Centre, located on the first floor of the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre to get your hands on the latest trends- supplies are limited. 

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