Fuelling the Future

Fuelling the Future

You could say that family is everything to Sydco Fuels - locally owned by Al and Mike Pace. The Pace family have been providing quality oil and heating to warm the homes and businesses of Cape Bretoners for 35 years.

You might recognize Sydco Fuels on the Destination Membertou digital screens located across Membertou and the CBRM. We're happy to share the story behind the advertisment; a story of community, home-grown business and quality service.

"After working in the oil industry for many years, I wanted to create something for my family and community here in Sydney," says Sydco Fuels founder and owner, Al Pace. Pace says that when he started the business 35 years ago, he could only have dreamed that it would grow to now employ his children and grandchildren, along with 37 other employees, who he says make the business what it is today.

For his commiment to business, Al Pace was awarded the 2017 Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce Irving Schwartz Business Person of the Year Award. 

Walking through the doors at Sydco Fuels on George Street in Sydney, you're not only greeted by a friendly face, many customers are greeted by name. Mike Pace says that staff members are a huge factor in the success of Sydco; knowing that putting their customers first is the best way to create strong roots in both business and community.

Mike, who now owns the business with his father, says that he knows exactly what it's like to do the job of the employees delivering oil, as he did it himself for many years. "We encourage our drivers to take a few extra minutes to get to know our clients, or to go the extra mile for them - we want customers to know how valued they are," he smiles.

Al and Mike Pace ensure the future is bright for Sydco Fuels, as they contiue to work hard to provide top-notch customer service, and also support community who has been so good to us. That's how it all works," says Mike.

To learn more about Sydco Fuels, visit their website: www.sydcofuels.ca 
To learn more about advertising with Destination Membertou, please visit:

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