Celebrating Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre's First Anniversary

Celebrating Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre's First Anniversary

On September 16, 2016, the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre (MSWC) opened its doors to the public for the very first time. We find it hard to believe that we are already celebrating its first anniversary. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun.


As one of the largest sporting venues on Cape Breton Island, the MSWC was designed to offer convenience at a central location within our community. It is only steps away from the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, Hampton Inn Sydney, and Kiju's Restaurant.

Along with on-ice events and activities, it also accomodates dry-land training, off-ice spectator events and meetings, charity events, group meetings and more.

With two NHL regulation sized ice surfaces operating year-round, an indoor walking track and YMCA, the MSWC is dedicated to promoting active and healthy lifestyles within the community. It has been packed with people all year and it gives us the feels to think about all of the wonderul things that have happened in the MSWC throughout the year.

Lets take a peek back at some of the highlights of the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre's first year open:

 Wallace Bernard Memorial Native Youth Hockey Tournament

The MSWC hosted the 44th Annual Wally Bernard Native Hockey Tournament from March 2-5, 2017. After 43 years of being played outside of our community, one of the longest-running Indigenous hockey tournaments in Canada was able to come home to Membertou as a result of the new MSWC.

National Aboriginal Hockey Championships


We are STOKED to be hosting the 2018 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) in May of next year! 
Teams from across the country will compete at this event from May 1-14, 2018, at the MSWC. The tournament with feature elite bantom and midget aged Canadian Aboriginal hockey players. Along with a showcase of their athletic abilities, the tournament with also foster cultural unity and pride. NAHC has been held annually since 2001. 

Kameron Junior Miners Playoff Game

While the Kameron Miners "B" hockey team call our rink "home" all year, they had a crowd that was larger than usual at their Game 7 Playoff Game. There was an estimated 1,000+ fans at this game. We were thrilled to see so many people enjoying the facility. The final score of the game was 4-3 for Pictou, though we are so happy about the great season the Miners had! 

Vince Ryan Memorial Hockey Tournament 

The Vince Ryan Memorial Hockey Tournament is one of the largest recreational adult hockey tournaments in the world. Every year over 160 teams from across Canada and the United States gather, bringing thousands of players to Cape breton Island. Councillor Graham Marshall dropped the puck for the first game of the tournament. 

Passport Program 

Destination Membertou launched our Summer Passport Program this summer. The program encouraged participants to earn stamps that they can later cash in for prizes. The goal of this program was to have visitors check out numerous sports with Membertou. The MSWC participated in this program, and rewarded people with a stamp for attending a $2 skate, getting physical at the YMCA, or snacking at Intermissions. 

HeartLand Tour 

Each year in July, the HeartLand Tour bicycle riders travel across communities in Nova Scotia and partner with local organizations to hold community events that promote active living. This year's attendees had the oppurtunity to take part in either a bike ride or a walk in Membertou. 

Arena Floor Deck 

The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre has recently unveiled its brand new arena floor deck. This will be used to cover the ice surface for events; concerts, birthday parties, special events, the opportunities are endless! Visit the MSWC website to book your next event. 

Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Training Camp

The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles hosted their training camp at the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre in August, 2017. Within that same week, the MSWC had a BIG party in celebration of its anniversary month. There was a free family skate, BBQ, cake, and everyone got to meet the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles hockey team. The bouncy tent and activities with the staff of the YMCA of Cape Breton was also a huge hit. 

Fun Facts 

1. The construction of the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre began in 2014.

2. The complex includes a 6,000-square-foot fitness centre, operated as a branch of the YMCA of Cape Breton 

3. Several local minor hockey associations such as the Tradesman and the Sydney Academy High School hockey team have rented ice time at the facility. 

4. There are six dressing rooms per rink and two femaled change rooms. There are also three community rooms that are used for meeting space, birthday parties, and other events. 

5. An energy saving geothermal ice-making sydney was built to service both ice pads and this system makes year-round ice usage a new reality in Cape Breton. 



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