2018 National Aboriginal Hockey Tournament

2018 National Aboriginal Hockey Tournament

We Heart Hockey 

There is no denying that Membertou has a deep-rooted connection to hockey. Our people have been playing the sport and crafting sticks, or what the youngsters call "twigs", for over 100 years. It is said that the Mi'kmaw people even invented the game. Hockey is a huge part of both our past and our future. Speaking of the future... check out what is coming to our Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre (MSWC) this Spring!


The 2018 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) will take place here in Membertou at the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre from May 1st-14th, 2018.



What is the NAHC?

The NAHC hosts Bantam and Midget aged Canadian Indigenous hockey players (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) that battle for the championship title. It's been held annually since 2001 and we are thrilled to be hosting it here in Membertou this year! Along with a showcase of the player's athletic abilities, the tournament also promotes cultural unity and pride. Indigenous ancestry and the love for one of the greatest games on earth, bond the players together. 

Go Pro 

Many of our people have made professional careers out of playing hockey and are considered to be role models for our young players to follow. The NAHC features some of the best young hockey players in the country. We hope to see some of these players play professionally someday! 


Past and Present NHL Players 

  • Carey Price
  • Rene Bourque
  • T.J. Oshie
  • Kyle Chipchura
  • Vern Fiddler
  • Jordan Tootoo (pictured above) 
  • Jordan Nolan
  • Michael Ferland
  • Dwight King
  • Bryan Trottier
  • Chris Simon
  • Reggie Leach

Not Just Hockey

We look forward to providing the 20 teams (10 male and 10 female) along with their families and friends with an experience to remember. The combination of our state of the art – Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre, the Hamptonn Inn by Hilton, restaurants and businesses, and our welcoming community will create an action packed and enjoyable week of hockey. 

Remembering NAHC

Take a piece of the tournament home with you. There will be official NAHC Merchandise for sale during the tournament such as hats, toques, sweaters and surprises! 
Whether you are a player, volunteer, friend, family member or simply a lover of the sport, we look forward to seeing you in May 2018! 


For more information visit the National Aboriginal Hockey Champtionship website.  




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