Welcome to Membertou! Our Mi'kmaw community has a rich history of culture and language. 

Many consider the Mi'kmaq...

Fun in Membertou

Love to bowl? You will be happy to know that Membertou will be home to a brand-new bowling alley before you...

Mi'kmaq culture

Many things are celebrated through dance in the Mi’kmaw culture such as Mawiomi (Pow wow) and Spring Gathering. During the 6th...

Fun in Membertou

We all enjoy a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach to cool off in the summer, but have you ever thought of skating? Regardless of the season,...

Fun in Membertou
What are your March Break plans? Why not stay, eat and play with us here in Membertou!

Membertou welcomes YOU to spend...

International Women's Day
As the Manager of Membertou’s Entrepreneur Centre, Eileen Paul is a bright light for the community of Membertou. She is a mother of three, a full-...
International Women's Day
  As a young and vibrant member of the Membertou Council, Gail Christmas says that she is a product of the strong women that raised her....
Each team that wins the Stanley Cup gets 100 days to do with it what they wish. As you can imagine, it’s been all around the world and inserted into...


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